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Security Services in Chennai - Consistent, Steadfast and Uncompromising

VGS Security Services in chennai is a leading private agency, We have all major security parameters. Our company mainly insist on customer needs and perspectives to provide integrity and fairness to the customer's aspect and to their business. Our experts have professional demeanor, attitude and ability.

Our strategies

  • We have well trained security guards.
  • Anticipate customer needs.
  • Enhance teamwork.
  • Providing safety and protection to get High end productivity.
  • Adopt best practices at work.

Our physical security services are designed to fully integrate with your electronic systems to provide maximum protection to your workers.

Our security services are included in the following fields

  • Manufacturing industries
  • IT parks
  • Corporate
  • Mails
  • Multiplexes
  • Corporate
  • Disaster Management
  • Fire and safety awareness

Our Security Agency in chennai will manipulate their works in different roles. We will be providing services to the clients based on their perception and satisfaction. Our services in Different sectors are,

Manufacturing Services

We will give your the best level of security through our services. Our service will meet client's expectation through site security management. The services available for Manufacturing Plant Security are as follow,

  • Material IN- OUT register
  • 24 * 7 services
  • Visitor and VIP Escort
  • Vehicle and foot patrols
  • Watch Log

Special Event Security

During large scale occasion more number of people are invited. We will respond quickly according to the situation like values and assets are in risk. Our Security Agencies in Chennai have skilled and well equipped guards to prevent threats.


We are appointing highly qualified, well trained and dedicated specialist to the responsive sectors. We will provide you an exclusive and impressive security services through latest technologies. Private Security will be providing economical and comprehensive package according to the customer perception.

Bank/ATM Security

It is a top most vital role. Both armed and unarmed service are offered in dark suit uniform. Our members are ready to tackle any threats at any situation. We will be giving safest possible environment. Our main intention is to provide security against theft and burglary incidents.

Commercial Establishments

Our Trained Security personnel will be available at both day and night for the protection of industries as well as commercial places. Our Commercial security services in chennai will be placing smart and alert guards to the commercial places like Bank, ATM etc.

Educational Institutions

Security Guard Services in Chennai will be providing safe and secure environment to the educational institutions. Our services include personal safety, physical security and access control. Many educational institutions will be facing threats due to economic struggles to give security to the students. Our approach will give high class of reliability.

Shopping Complex

Thus Security plays a vital role, mainly to all type of business owners especially like shopping malls etc. Threats can come in many forms like burglary, fire, vandalism, terrorism and fraud works. We are also handling retail stores security. We also protect you from automobile vandalism, vehicle theft etc.

Hotels and Resorts

Thus Service industry plays a major role among traders, business people, and tourist people. Hotels are playing a vital role in securing their customers and to make them happy. Our Security Services chennai will help you to give an high quality security with affordable cost. We will do special work in detecting unauthorized persons in regime and they will be let out immediately.

CCTV Security Systems

Nowadays technology have been changed according to the modern world. Thus it will reduce the risk of offences as well as it can encapture at any time. You can view many places at one time. It will make your work as smarter. Thus CCTV provides two works they are

  • Monitor on real time incidents
  • Records for future works

Our Security services in chennai will be providing enhanced and fulfilled work to the clients with enormous features.

Thus Commercial Security Services in Chennai will be providing benefits like

  • Clients assignment will be handled confidentially
  • You can get services through our skilled and competent staffs
  • We will suit your requirements and budgets without compromising the quality of service.